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Cervantes, Borges, García Lorca… All these authors had an opinion on translation, none being favourable. "I think translating into another language is like watching a Flemish tapestry back to front", says Cervantes; or "Translations destroy the spirit of languages", comments Borges. Do such remarks reflect the authors' wounded pride? Desdain for lesser brothers of literature?

The fact is that translating is a very difficult task. This is why it must be paid full attention. Or even more: it is a job that must be carefully fulfilled with effort, sensibility, will of excelence and utmost care. This is the commitment of paraules i bits: with every sentence, every paragraph, every work, our senses are awaken so that we can give our best.

Our main values are: the professionalism, regarding the treatment, the deadlines and the excellent price, as well as the constant will of improvement; the sensitivity, which allows us to translate taking always into account the original sense and style and being able to reflect all these aspects in the translation, as well as the tone and the register, and a comprehensive treatment of the text, always bearing the context in mind. All these axioms are fundamental to reach a first-quality outcome.


Núria Artigas i Bellsolell

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